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Technology 4U ™

Thank you for visiting our new internet site. In brief, Technology 4U ™ was established in 2001 and since then we have provided Information Technology services. Our mission is to simplify and optimize the use of technology in your business and home. We provide Technical Support for computers and networks, provided directly in the premises of our clients or online. We also provide structured cabling for PCs, cameras and phone networks. We have maintenance contracts, or you could call or contact us for services that fit your needs.

We have been working on creating new ways in which we can connect with you. Some of the options we have been successfully using are: X (Twitter) (@Tec4U), and an informational newsletter we refer to as "Tip of the Week". We are also proud of being pioneers on providing technical support via Internet, so you don't have to wait for us to get to your premises, because sometimes we can solve the problem remotely, with your authorization, of course. Please visit our Online Technical Support page for more information.

We would like to hear from you! Please contact us to have the opportunity to help you with your questions or needs in the Information Technology area. You can also check the Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) to see if your question has been already addressed.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve you!


Andres Arboleda
V.P. of Operations

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