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Tip of the Week, March 20, 2024

    March 2024
Slow Computer? Could be the hard drive


Your computer may be slowing down, but maybe not for the reason you think: The hard drives that were the standard some years ago have been replaced by the Solid-State drives (SSD), which feature faster reading and writing programs and data. Here is some further reading (Avast). Upgrading ‘slow’ computers to SSD could let you squeeze some more years out of your existing equipment. A simple experiment with the Task Manager (Windows), or the Activity Monitor (Mac) will show you if your disk is able to deliver data at the speed that the computer is requesting it. 1) Windows: press start button and type or search: “Task Manager” , once opened, click on the “Performance” tab. 2) Mac OSX: go to “Applications”, “Utilities” and find the “Activity Monitor”, once opened, click the “Disk” tab. 3) Open a page or a program and follow the behavior of the disk; if you see the Disk stuck at 100% for a long time, you may have found the culprit of the slowdown. Call or text us (973-767-4198) for assistance with that most-welcome upgrade!


Are your passwords outdated?


These times of distributed high computing power (bitcoin everyone?) have made possible that the standard 8 characters passwords can be now cracked in five minutes, according to a study published in April 2023 by Hive Systems. Further reading (here. The recommendations of the study are the ones we have been hearing for a while: A good password is long, contains letters, numbers and symbols (use all the keyboard), and avoids sequences or repeated characters. Create that Excel spreadsheet or a text file to keep track of them, and make sure you have a printed copy in a ‘safe’ place. Unsure about the security of your PC or your network? Call or text us (973-767-4198) to schedule a security audit.


Recommended Download
XnView Classic


XnView Classic. Image Viewer, Image resizer, batch image converter and more.
If you are tired of opening your photos in MS Paint, or need a way to edit or resize your photos or images, you will appreciate this free tool that is available for for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. Enjoy your download!


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